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ESG Perspectives: Intl. Seaways, Generate Capital, & Marsoft

Opening remarks by Jim Lawrence

Setting the Stage: Strategies for Getting the Shipping Industry to Zero

The shipping industry delivers the essentials of life for billions of people but, without action, is forecast to be responsible for approximately 17% of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by mid-century. De-risking investment in the sector is going to need unprecedented coordination, and a recent report by Shell and Deloitte, Decarbonising Shipping: All Hands on Deck, sets out to understand the views of senior executives across the shipping market on the barriers and potential solutions to decarbonizing shipping, aiming to drive more common understanding and catalyze action.

Karrie Trauth, General Manager, Shipping & Maritime Americas, Shell

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Mike McCleery
Mike McCleery
30. Nov. 2020

Compelling remarks by Dr. Sterling.

Gefällt mir

Jonathan Chia
Jonathan Chia
03. Nov. 2020

Karrie is incredibly inspiring. I hope to see more from her in the future and hope that she can edge shell and other oil majors in the right direction.

Gefällt mir
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