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Industry Reports


Industry White Papers

Offshore Report Cover.png

In the following paper, we will provide an overview of financing this exciting sector of offshore assets. Everything from Rigs to the support vessels that service them. Find out more by downloading the report below.

Superyacht Whitepaper Cover 2023.png

In the following paper, we will provide an overview of current market conditions and highlight the key considerations for getting your deal done on the most attractive terms available in the market.

SSL Whitepaper Cover.png

In support of Marine Money Virtual Climate Week Forum and UN Climate Week, Marine Money brings you Green & Sustainability-linked Financing for Shipping: Understanding the Requirements, Benefits and Costs of Responsible Finance. From second party opinions to Key Performance Indicators, this report helps borrowers understand the key considerations of this fast-growing market for capital.

Private Credit Cover Image.png

The $175 billion per year credit market for shipping has changed dramatically in the past 10 years. These changes have created significant risks and opportunities for borrowers, lenders, and investors. Download this white paper to learn about this critical industry evolution

The decade ahead will continue to bring change to the way debt and equity capital are formed for maritime assets. This paper highlights the most significant trends in ship finance and guides readers about what to expect in the decade ahead. 

Market Opinion Surveys

From debt maturities in 2021 to the search for new lenders. From who plans to acquire vessels this year to an appetite for green financing. The robust response we received from our new latest CFOs help define the landscape of today's ship finance market. See the data here

COVID19 Funding Costs Cover.png

With capital markets unstable, 95% of commercial banks report an increase of funding costs since the pandemic hit, but 87% of them have been able to pass those increased funding costs along to their borrowers. Although 95% of banks are open for new funding requests, only 20% of banks are seeing an increase in deal flow other than drawdowns of existing facilities...

Non-bank Lender Survey Cover.png

Although broader credit markets are showing signs of tightening liquidity from non-government sources, the same cannot be said of the market for non-bank sources of ship finance. While many non-bank lenders spent the initial months of the COVID-19 crisis focused on making sure that their existing borrowers were okay, now they report that they are seeking new business...

CFO Survey Cover.png
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