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2022 Hamburg Ship Finance Forum


May 19th, 2022

New Strategies for a New World

Marine Money’s 20th anniversary event is the perfect time for the global ship finance community to convene in Hamburg….to catch-up with existing and prospective clients and friends, exchange views on the shipping markets and geopolitics– have fun and, as always…generate new ideas and deal flow!

Wednesday, May 18, 2022 at 6:00 PM

Pre-Conference Welcome Cocktail Reception

The Office of Ehlermann Rindfleisch Gadow
Ballindamm 26, Hamburg 20095

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Thursday, May 19, 2022 at 6:00 PM

8:00 Registration Opens – Coffee & Refreshments

Welcome from Marine Money & Conference Chairman

9:00 Conference Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Stefan Rindfleisch, Partner, Ehlermann Rindfleisch Gadow

9:10 Gaby Bornheim, Managing Director, Peter Döhle Schiffahrts,

President, German Shipowners’ Association (VDR)

9:20 Global Macroeconomic Outlook

The next 10 years may look different than the past 10 years.

• Inflation & Stagflation

• Outlook for Commodity Prices

• Global Interest Rates

• Deglobalization

• Energy Transition


Edoardo Campanella, Senior Global Economist, UniCredit Bank AG

9:40 Forecast for Shipping Markets in a Changing World

The shipping industry has never faced so many market-altering forces. In this opening session, learn what the shipping research team at MSI is forecasting in the quarters, years, and decades ahead.

• Demand: Impact of High Commodity Prices on Shipping Rates & Vessel Values

• Geopolitics, Changing Commodity Flows, Energy Transition

• Supply: The Orderbook, Scrapping and Enviro-Vessel Speed

James Frew, Director, Maritime Strategies International (MSI)

9:55 Creating Carbon Credits to Fund Emissions Reducing Vessel


Marsoft’s “Green Screen” program provides a turn-key service for shipowners to generate cash from retrofits by creating Gold Standard certified carbon credits.

Arlie Sterling, President and Co-founder, Marsoft Inc.

10:05 Captains of Industry: Dr. Heinrich Schulte, Chairman, Schulte Group

As an owner of 90 vessels and manager of 600 others, Schulte Group has been leading member of the German shipping cluster for 5 generations. Employing 20,000 people at sea and 3,000 ashore, Schulte Group has thrived by maintaining the highest level of quality in all aspects of its diversified business. In this rare public appearance, Dr. Heinrich Schulte speaks with Christoph Toepfer about the lessons he’s learned in the business - and how he sees the future.

Interviewed by: Christoph Toepfer, Founder & CEO, Borealis Maritime

10:30 Break

11:15 Capital Allocation in Cyclical Markets

Container vessel owners amassed record profits in 2021 - and there is no sign of a slowdown in 2022. But now a different strategic challenge has emerged: how best to allocate free cash flow to position businesses for long-term strength and success.

Constantin Baack, CEO, MPC Container Ships
Interviewed by Felix Noelke, Head of Arctic Securities Germany

11:35 Shipping Loan Portfolio Sales: Evolving from Distressed to


From private equity buyers to credit funds providing refinancing, a new industry has been built around the sell-off of shipping loan portfolios. Now, as the sale of German-controlled shipping loan portfolios comes to an end with the winddown and sale of hsh portfoliomanagement’s more than $1bn of outstanding shipping loans, banks are about to shift their view on portfolio transactions towards strategic considerations, also taking into account their newly defined green banking path.

Thomas Mazur, Financial Advisory Head, Global Shipping & Ports Team, Deloitte

11:45 Closing the Data Gap: A Solution for Lenders Seeking to Gather

Required Vessel Emissions Data

Commercial banks need to report emissions data on the vessels they are financing but gathering this data can be time consuming and challenging. The Scope Group solution could close the data gap, providing emission data on more than 70.000 vessels.

Ralf Garrn, Managing Director, Scope SE & Co.

11:55 Global Credit for Shipping: Market Conditions & Strategies for


Credit will always be the lifeblood of shipping investment, but today’s abundant liquidity is impacting market conditions. In this session, a variety of active ship lenders discuss what they are seeing, and how they are responding, to today’s unusual environment.

• Originating new deals while controlling cyclical and counterparty credit risk

• Making Loans when Some Borrowers Don’t Need Loans

• Emissions Data Gathering and Reporting

• Is the Era of Loan Portfolio Sales, and Subsequent Refinancing Over?

• Credit Funds and Other non-Bank Lenders

Wijnand Botman, Managing Director, Direct Ship Finance
Carl Rehder, Vice President, Commercial - Europe, Bocomm Shipping Leasing (Europe)
Jan-Philipp Rohr, Global Head of Shipping, Hamburg Commercial Bank AG
Christian Stiefel, Director, Australis Maritime
Moderator: Michael Timpone, Partner, Seward & Kissel

12:30 Luncheon

1:40 In Focus: Dr. Arnt Vespermann, CEO, Offen Group

As new CEO of Offen Group, one Germany's most dynamic "tramp" owners,

Dr. Vespermann with his long-standing experience as a former Board Member/CEO of Hamburg-Sud brings a very special perspective to the discussion about the evolving business models of liner companies and tonnage providers.

Interviewed by Philipp Wuenschmann, Head of Shipping, Berenberg

2:00 EEXI: The Importance of Accuracy and the Effect of Errors

John Nicholson, Head of Technical, Idwal

2:10 Investing in Vessel Retrofits: A Key to Cost-effective Emissions


Retrofits will be a key to complying with the emissions requirements imposed by

regulators and charterers.

Ege Akcasoy, Managing Director, Newport Maritime Services & Managing Director and Advisor to the Board, Newport Shipping

2:20 Going Long: Fresh Ideas for Maritime Equity Investing

After three years of generating strong returns, Luxembourg-based Seahawk Investments discusses where they see future opportunity.

Hubertus Clausius, Portfolio Manager and Managing Director, Seahawk Investments

2:30 Green Ship Financing Sources: What They are Looking For Now

Investors and lenders are allocating more capital to sustainable financing. In addition to traditional lenders, several new platforms have been launched to offer financing for “green” shipping projects. In this session, get an overview of what’s available in the bank and fund market - and what’s required of borrowers.

• Taxonomy: What does “Green” mean for borrowers and lenders?

• Debt and Equity Products and Structures for Shipowners

• How Institutional Investors think about “sustainability” in shipping

• KPIs, emissions measurement and verification

Jens Mahnke, Managing Director, Elbe Financial Solutions
Wilhelm Magelssen, Partner & Fund Manager, NRP Maritime Asset Management, Premium Maritime Credit Fund
Maarten Biermans, Prow Capital (managers of the Green Shipping Fund)
Holger Apel, Global Head of Maritime Industries, KfW IPEX-Bank GmbH
Moderator: Jonathan Ward, Partner, Stephenson Harwood LLP

3:05 Break

3:35 What to Buy? Investing Equity in a Changing Shipping Market

From geopolitics to rising inflation and interest rates, from decarbonization to deglobalization, the next 10 years will likely look different than the previous 10 years for the

shipping industry. In this closing session, a variety of active market participants discuss where they see opportunity today to raise and deploy equity capital.

• Newbuildings – What to Order When Regulations and Technology are Not Defined

• Comparing Equity Terms and Conditions from Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, USA, and UK

• Investment Opportunities Decarbonization

• What Charterers are Looking for in Tonnage providers

Andy Dacy, MD and Global Head Transportation Group, JP Morgan Asset Management
Charles Brown, Chairman, Lake House
Oliver Faak, Partner & Head of Europe, Transport Capital
Richard Grube, Managing Director, Nordic Hamburg
Moderator: Dylan Potter, Partner, Vedder Price

4:10 Venture Investing, Digitalization & Decarbonization

The shipping industry is poised for an exponential increase in the adoption of new

technologies that support increased efficiency, vessel performance optimization and decarbonization.

Ioannis Martinos, Founder & CEO, Signal Group
Lucius Bunk, Managing Partner, Auerbach Schifffahrt / Strategic Partner & Shareholder, Flagship Founders
Moderator: Markus Buesig, President Marine & Offshore, North Europe - Lloyd's Register

4:30 What the Next Shipping Cycle Will Bring for German Owners

Today’s shipping market is extremely robust for most sectors, but the traditional business model of tonnage providers may be changing. Learn how leading German owners are preparing for the next cycle – and a new world.

• Newbuildings & the Growth of a Multi-tiered Market

• A changing business model for the German shipping cluster

• Maritime Opportunities Created by the Growth in Renewable Energy

• Diversification – What to Buy in Today’s Overheated Market?

Christian Rychly, Managing Director, MPC Capital
Nicolaus Bunnemann, Managing Partner, Atlantic Lloyd
Dr. Martin Harren, CEO, Harren & Partner Group
Moderator: Stefan Rindfleisch, Partner, Ehlermann Rindfleisch Gadow

5:05 Closing Remarks

Cocktail Reception to Follow at the Hotel Grand Elysee

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