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2022 Korea Ship Finance Forum


Nov. 2, 2022

09:10 Opening Remarks

Andrew Oates, Business Development Manager, Marine Money Asia

09:20 Keynote Address

Yang-soo Kim, CEO, Korea Ocean Business Corporation (KOBC)

09:25 Welcome Remarks – Busan Metropolitan City

Park Jin-seok, Chief of Finance & Start-up Policy Bureau, Busan Metropolitan City

09:30 Welcome Remarks – Marine Finance Center

Kuk Jin Yang, General Manager, Maritime Finance Department, The Korea Development Bank (KDB)


09:40 Macro View – Near the tipping point

Dr. Chong Hoon Park, Head of Research – Korea, Standard Chartered

10:00 Shipping Market Outlook – What to buy and sell

Hongbeom Park, Head of Korea, VesselsValue

10:20 Which responsible or affected parties in shipping and shipbuilding are impacted by decarbonization

Dr. In Hyun Kim, Captain & Professor, Korea University


11:05 Korean Ship Finance and Global Shipping

Challenges of the Korean Maritime Industry for Ocean Carbon Neutrality

Yang Jong-seo, Ph.D, Senior Research Fellow, The Export-Import Bank of Korea (KEXIM)

Make Your Ship Finance Sure

Yun Jang Won, Senior Manager, Maritime Finance Department (Tanker & Offshore Team), K-SURE

Global Ship Finance Market Trends

Kim Dae Jin Ph.D, Research Fellow, Industry & Technology Research Center, The Korea Development Bank (KDB)

Introduction of the Korean Tax Lease Model

Jeon Kihwan, Team Leader, Business Strategy Team, Korea Ocean Business Corporation (KOBC)

Mee Young Choi, Head of America and Korea, Transport Capital

Kim Yeon Sik, Head, Shipping Finance Team, The Korea Development Bank (KDB)
Kim Nam Eung, Director, Maritime Finance Department (Container Team), K-SURE
Ahn Seon-woo, Director, The Export-Import Bank of Korea (KEXIM)

12:00 International Banks and Korean Ship Finance

With some traditional banks focusing on core clients, how are international banks interacting with the Korean owners, operators and ECA financiers.

Benjamin Rose, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright LLP

Philip Clausius, Founder & Managing Partner, Transport Capital
Heng Chih Chwen, Head of Maritime Research, Standard Chartered
Woon Aw Yong, Managing Director, Newport Shipping
Mark Zhang, Senior Manager, Shipping Leasing Dept., Commercial Team, CMB Financial Leasing


13:40 Korean Capital Market Update: How Korean Asset Manager successfully provided investment capital to global alternative investment areas, especially energy & transportation

• Overview of recent Korean capital market

• Showcases of DAOL Asset Management

• Key points for fund raising

Woo-song Jung, Managing Director & Head of Global IB Division, DAOL Asset Management

13:55 Junior Finance: The unique ingredient of Korea ship financing deals

Jon Jun-hyung, Head of Overseas Investment Division & Director, KDB Infrastructure Investments Asset Management (KIAMCO)
Woo-song Jung, Managing Director & Head of Global IB Division, DAOL Asset Management
Joen Keun Soo, Director, Infrastructure Investment Team, Multi Asset Global Investments

Interviewed By:
Gregg Johnston, Partner, Stephenson Harwood LLP

14:25 Views from a financing perspective on Korea’s push for shipping decarbonisation

Mark Teng, Executive Director, Credit Agricole CIB Interviewed By:
Ricky Kim, Partner, Watson Farley & Williams

14:50 Three Challenges and Opportunities for Shipping in the Current Macro Economic Environment

Daejin Lee, Lead Shipping Analyst, S&P Global

15:10 The World at Large: Shipping Challenges and Opportunities in the 2020s

The world is under a degree of stress from geopolitics, rising energy prices and inflation, and shipping is in the midst of the energy transition and increased regulation. The years ahead will be full of challenges but disruption always creates opportunities for forward thinkers and industry leaders.

Tim Smith, Director, Maritime Strategies International (MSI)

Christian Nolting, Head of Banking & Lending Relationships, Purus Marine
Alan Hatton, CEO, Foreguard Shipping
Daejin Lee, Lead Shipping Analyst, S&P Global

Closing Address

Kevin Oates, Managing Director, Marine Money Asia

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