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2015 Marine Money Week

The Pierre Hotel

2015 Marine Money Week


Day 1 - Co-Chairmen’s Opening Remarks:, The Commercial Lending Markets:, Credit Ratings & Shadow Ratings:, Funds Providing Shipping Loans – Risk vs Return for, The Power of Prevention: Strategies for Controlling, 5 Key Things Ship Finance can Learn from Other Industries, Institutional Debt Capital Markets Solutions for the Maritime Sector, Baby Bonds and Preferred Shares, Norwegian Bonds: Opportunities for New Issuance and Secondary Market Trading, Flexible Lending Structures to Accommodate Unique Situations, Receivables Finance: Revolving Credit to Strengthen Working Capital, Shipowner Roundtable: What Every Owner Needs to Know about Ship Finance today, Co-Chairmen’s Closing Remarks, Day 2 - Euronav & Capital Markets: A Successful Partnership, The Shipping “Cookbook” – The 10 step recipe to build a shipping company that attracts shareholders and builds value, Finding the Fit: Matching Investor Needs with Shipping Companies, Long-term commitment or event-driven trade: What do, Ship Finance…$25 at a time; Protecting and Cultivating the Retail Investor, Session Discussion Leader, Making Shipping Companies Attractive to Investors, The Tanker Market: Capitalizing on Strong Fundamentals Mean Investor Upside, How to Make Money in Shipping (or – How to Manage WACC), Todays Market Opportunities: DCF Values Vs Market Values Vs Breakevens, IPOs, MLPs, Follow-ons and Valuations – What Can Get Done Today, Norwegian OTC – Finding Paths to Liquidity for Stranded Investors, Shipping and the Capital Markets in 2025: Brave New, Crude Oil Tankers - How Long will the Market Run, Strategies for Capitalizing on the Recovering Container Shipping Market, Chemical Tankers – The Dawn of New US & Mid-East Long Haul Trades, Genuine Opportunities and Unjustified Optimism, Session Discussion, Day 3 - Opening Remarks from Session Moderator, Enhancing Traditional Lending Capacity through Joint Venture, Commercial Banking: Enablers of the “Upside” in Shipping, The Three “R’s” of Shipping: Restructuring, Refinancing & Recapitalization, Session Discussion, Private Equity – The Next Chapter, The Container Market – Recovering Market Fundamentals, Robert Bugbee’s Annual Homage to Leading Shipping Analysts, Chairman’s Closing Remarks

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